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Lisa Woods

Osteopathic Manual Practitioner

D.O.M.P., D.Sc.O.


Summer hours in effect for 

July & August, 2021

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Graduate of the Canadian College of Osteopathy, Toronto. 

Awarded the W.G. Sutherland Thesis Award for my clinical research, titled "The Effect of Global Osteopathy on Children with Growing Pains"


I am a gentle, quiet spoken person who has followed my heart’s path of becoming a healer, in search of answers for myself and for those who have come to me for treatment for their pain.


My role as your therapist is to support you where you are, and to help facilitate the change you seek in the direction of healing. I will be unconditionally present with whatever part of you needs attention, using osteopathic techniques to help clear your way to better health.

I studied from 2012-2019 to become an osteopathic practitioner, but before that, I was (and still am) an RMT. My background in the health field has covered many topics including anatomy, physiology, neurology, and pathology to name a few, and along with that, I have an extensive amount of clinical experience both in school and in the workplace.



I deeply believe that the mind, body and spirit are inseparable, and that an imbalance in one area can create symptoms in the others. Chronic pain is often the physical manifestation of deep emotional pain. Acknowledging and validating this connection, along with gentle osteopathic techniques that treat physical barriers held within your body, can be a powerful healing experience.


All it takes is an open mind and the willingness to grow.

$110 per 45 minute session

$140 per 60 minute session

includes GST

Payment methods accepted: cash, cheque, e-transfer


Paediatric Osteopathy

Osteopathic sessions for babies and children are a delight, and always make my work day a little more fun! 

There are lots of reasons people seek Osteopathic care for babies and children, such as:

•Traumatic birth (forceps, prolonged pushing, emotionally stressful)

•Trouble latching to nurse/bottle feed

•Repeated irritation (eyes, ears, cough)

•Plagiocephaly (asymmetrical head shape)

•Failure to crawl/trouble getting into position


•Growing pains


•Digestive problems

$110 per session

includes GST

All appointments are approx. 45 minutes

Payment methods accepted: cash, cheque, e-transfer

Father with Newborn Baby
Applying Essential Oil

Massage Therapy

Touch is the purest form of comfort & healing when we're in pain, whether it's delivered by a loved one's caring hand, or by those of a trained therapist. 

If you need to relax, rehabilitate, or both, I welcome you with warm, cozy blankets, gentle music and the best intentions for your greatest healing benefit.


$90 per 45 minute session

$115 per 60 minute session

$135 per 75 minute session

includes GST

Payment methods accepted: cash, cheque, e-transfer 

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