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Frequently Asked Questions

Answering your questions

Knowing what to expect from your visit

Frequently asked Questions

Q:Can you provide osteopathy but send me a receipt for massage therapy, or vice versa?

A: No, this is unethical and can be considered insurance fraud.

Q: If I arrive late for my appointment, can you change the length so I don't have to pay for the lost time?

A: While exceptions are possible on an individual basis, in general this comes at a cost to me as an individual practitioner. This is my sole source of income and I rely on what is booked in my schedule.

Q: Are osteopathy and cranio-sacral therapy covered under my extended insurance plan?

A: Probably! It's best to check with your insurance company. Lots of them cover osteopathy, and cranio-sacral therapy falls under the RMT scope of practice so as long as you have coverage for RMT, you'll be set!


Q: If I ran out of insurance coverage for the year, can I still book an appointment?

A: Yes, absolutely, but it will need to be paid out of pocket, like anyone who doesn't have insurance benefits, such as self-employed individuals.

Q: I don't see any appointments that fit my schedule. Can you make an exception for me and book outside of your posted hours?

A: No, the time that I have off is reserved for my family, extracurricular activities and self-care.

Q: What is cranio-sacral therapy?

A: Over-the-clothing treatment for the alignment and balance of the nervous system (brain & spinal cord), for the purpose of resolving tensions that can inhibit optimal function of the nerve signals to the rest of the body.

The nervous system is made up of billions of neurons that connect all parts of the body. They are responsible for regulating all of our body's functions, such as digestion, heart beats, breathing, sleep, immune function, how we feel & interpret pain, and so much more. By alleviating tension, the body can send and receive signals quickly and easily.

What to Expect

We will discuss your concerns & health history in a detailed interview on your first visit. This gives me a image of who you are & what you've experienced. It helps me to help you!

There is a set of stairs from the driveway down to the clinic entrance.

Treatments are provided over the clothing, and are gentle & non-invasive.

Appointments will begin and end on time.

Your consent is fluid and can change at any time for any reason - it is your body and you are in control.

A professional, respectful atmosphere will be upheld by me at all times.

I work diligently to create a quiet, relaxing environment for your treatment experience. You can expect to be warm, comfortable & supported.

Sometimes emotions come to the surface during a treatment. This is a normal, healthy release of pent-up stress, and I always have tissues on hand for such occasions! 

When visiting with an infant or child, they often need breaks during their appointment for a reassuring hug from a parent/guardian. You are 100% welcome to breastfeed, bottle feed, provide snacks & interaction as needed.

It is helpful to bring your child's favourite book to read or music to listen to during their appointment to encourage them to be up on the treatment table. 

You are welcome to bring your child with you for your appointment if you cannot find child care. 

Accepted payment methods are cash, cheque or e-transfer.


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