Distance Healing

From Beautiful Vancouver Island

Distance Healing


Combining my knowledge of human anatomy & physiology with a lifetime of personal study & experience with energy work, I bring a unique approach to distance healing that I’m excited to be able to offer as a service.


All sessions are done remotely. Take the time to relax somewhere comfortable, where you are able to fully let go, and allow the full effect of the session to envelope you while I scan your body for areas of dysfunction, and work to clear energetic blockages.


If you feel that a certain crystal might assist during the session, be sure to hold it or have it near you while we work.

What to Expect

Every experience is unique. Some people can sense the work being done, some fall into a deep sleep, while others may feel nothing at all. Trust in the healing power that is intended for your greatest benefit, and be aware of the gentle changes that appear in your body & life after the session is complete.


Please provide a picture of yourself along with the major areas that you wish for me to address during your session.


A detailed email write-up will be provided to you following your session, outlining the specific areas that were worked on, how they connect throughout the body & energy fields, and any messages that were received.


 $60.00/session (approx. 45 min.)


Cannot be claimed for insurance purposes (this is not an osteopathic treatment)

Accepted payment method: e-transfer

Please contact me directly to set up your distance session.

I will get back to you shortly!