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A question I get asked a lot is "can osteopathy help with infertility?"

The quick answer is, 'yeah, maybe.' It depends why your body is struggling.
"How might my body be struggling?" you may ask...
-Are your lumbar spine & sacrum restricted?
-Is your uterus getting the best blood supply from the arteries, and the best nerve supply from the lumbar & sacral nerve plexuses?
-Is there too much tension in your fallopian tubes?
Is your uterus mobile?
"I HAVE NO IDEA! " you may shout...
Luckily, I do!
Through detailed assessment & treatment of your individual case, all of these issues and more can be addressed, helping to prepare your body as best as possible for supporting pregnancy.

What do I know?

I know from my experience that sometimes manual treatment is what people need to overcome infertility. I've supported many women at this stage in their lives, and many have created families. But not all. Nothing is for sure.
I know that this journey can be extremely painful for those going through it, and that if I can help in the way that I'm trained & educated to help, I want to do just that.
I also know that people like resources, so here's a study by Mary Ellen Kramp, DPT, CLT-LANA that supports manual therapy as a safe, effective option for people dealing with infertility. I like it because it's easy to read & understand, and includes lots of techniques that are used in osteopathy. She also cites a lot of osteopathic literature in her research.
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